Shopping Basket

Shopping Basket gives you the tools to become a more organized, wiser shopper! You can easily add product and store information, compare prices, and make a shopping list by selecting from a list of registered products. Simple, easy, and useful!

Use Shopping Basket as a shopping list by adding products you want to buy with their prices. Shopping Basket prevents you from forgetting that important item, or overpaying when you could find it cheaper at another store!

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iOS7.1 or later.

Change history

1.7 (Jan 29, 2014)

- Adjusted the layout.
- Added Category and Search options in the Shop section.
- Changed the shop info on the purchase history from the cheapest to the latest.
- A product can be registered without setting a shop.

1.6.0 (Oct 23, 2013)

- Compatible with iOS7.

1.5.0 (Aug 23, 2013)

- Data transfer from Shopping Basket Lite to Shopping Basket is now available.
- Product list for each store is now available.

1.4.0 (Feb 27, 2013)

- Online backup in Dropbox is now available.


- For the store/price list in Product Settings for each product, you can change the quantity information of each item. - You can search the web for an image of each product.


- Sub categories can be created within each category of your product list.
- When a category is deleted, all the information/data in the category will be deleted.
- Purchase history is now available. A product can be added to your shopping list directly from your purchase history.
- New product icons are released!

Main Features:

✔ Easily add or categorize products into categorys.
✔ Attach pictures or notes, make a note of how many products you want to buy, and even list product prices by store. Store prices are displayed from high to low, so it’s easy to find the store with the lowest price.
✔ Search by product name or store name to quickly find what you need, even when your product list gets long.
✔ Your shopping list is automatically created by selecting products from the list. Compare store prices and locations and find the best place to shop!
✔ Instantly see which items on your shopping list have been purchased and which ones have not, and send a list of remaining purchases by e-mail.
✔ Due date of purchase can be set for each shopping item. Regular purchase and due date reminder settings are available as well.
✔ Register your favorite stores’ address and phone number, or add them directly from the map.

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