Hamsters love sunflower kernel.
Help a hamster jump higher with a trampoline to get his favorite sunflower kernels!
Cats might try to block your hamster...
Break blocks underneath the cats to make them fall!

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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
Requires iOS4.3 or later.


- Break blocks and collect all sunflower kernels by helping a hamster jumping around with a trampoline.
- To complete each stage, you need to clear cats in addition to collecting all sunflower kernels.
- You can gain higher points as getting sunflower kernels in a row.
- Power up your hamster with various items available on each stage to get higher points!
- Enjoy 6 stages - 48 levels (8 levels per stage)


- Pull a trampoline then release it to help a hamster jump.
- Move the trampoline right and left to help your hamster jumping around.
- If you tap your hamster just when it's about to leave the trampoline, it will perform a high jump!
- Your hamster will perform a normal jump without screen tap.

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